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NOW Broadband and TV Deals

  • Add Entertainment Membership for £6.99
  • Add NOW TV for premium content 
  • Average 63Mbps with Super Fibre

Get fast NOW Broadband with unlimited usage

NOW Broadband offers totally unlimited and reliable broadband with 3 broadband tiers to choose from, all with unlimited downloads and line rental included.

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NOW Broadband | Our Review

Select from smooth superfast fibre and great-value ADSL subscriptions with NOW Broadband, all available on 12-month contracts

The NOW passes and call subscriptions can also be attached onto your chosen service giving you the freedom to talk for as long as you want and ability to access a range of superb content from Sky.

Superfast ADSL and fibre options

With average speeds of 11Mbps and totally unlimited usage, the Brilliant Broadband subscription is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a low-cost ADSL option. Customers will be able to send emails, surf the web, shop and even enjoy a little bit of light SD streaming without any issues whatsoever.

Much larger, busier homes may want to go for either the Fab or Super Fibre option, each of which comes with totally unlimited usage and average speeds of 36Mbps and 63Mbps respectively.

Both are capable of supporting bandwidth-heavy activities like online gaming, HD streaming and high-speed downloads, so whichever one you go for really depends on how many devices are active in your home.

If there’s always a lot of people online simultaneously, the average 63Mbps broadband will definitely serve you better.

12-month contracts across the board

NOW Broadband features 12-month contracts on all of its broadband products, meaning you'll commit to a year of superfast fibre or standard ADSL. 

Users can easily switch to NOW Broadband from their existing provider and NOW Broadband makes it simple to continue your service if you move house during your contract period. 

Switching is incredibly simple

Switching over to NOW Broadband from either BT, TalkTalk, EE or Plusnet is refreshingly simple and contains none of the headache usually associated with such a procedure. Just call up and inform NOW Broadband’s hard-working team of your decision and they’ll handle the rest.

NOW passes and call subscriptions

Although you’re not obligated to buy a call product or NOW pass if you do decide to go with NOW Broadband, you can easily get any of them added on to your service whenever you like.

Pay-as-you-use calls are handily included for free with every deal, but frequent talkers will find the inclusive Evenings and Weekends or Anytime subscriptions much more suitable.

Each of the four NOW passes on offer, Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Kids and Sky Sports, give customers access to an excellent variety of top-quality content from Sky so you’ll always have something exciting to enjoy no matter what you’re in the mood for.

NOW Broadband highlights

  • Average speeds of 63Mbps available with the Super Fibre subscription
  • All NOW Broadband subscription feature a 12-month contract
  • Brilliant, Fab and Super services all come with unlimited usage
  • Attach NOW passes and call subscription for a small extra monthly fee
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