Usage calculator

Our broadband usage calculator gives you a free estimate of how much data is getting guzzled up in your home. Knowing your usage means you’ll be able to choose a broadband package that’s ideal, and we’ll help you compare so you get a great price.

Just answer a few quick questions about your usage habits, and our calculator will let you know the amount of data you probably use each month. Remember that exceeding a usage limit with a provider can result in extra charges, so it’s best to be absolutely sure if you do decide to take a usage cap.

Our calculator is only a guide, but it should help you make the right decision about your next broadband deal. If you think you use around 50GB a month, and then take a 50GB limit, you certainly run the risk of going over your cap.

You’ll find that broadband packages with unlimited usage aren’t actually that different from ones with a large cap, which is why it’s best to check our comparison tool. We’ll make the maximum download speed, download limit and price clear for every broadband package on our site, and that makes it much easier to see whether saving a little each month is actually going to be better value for money.

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