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Compare superfast broadband deals

Superfast broadband offers the fastest broadband speeds available in the UK. Using a fibre-optic connection, superfast broadband can give users average speeds that dwarf what’s available via standard ADSL broadband.

ADSL broadband packages typically offer an average of 17Mbps as standard, whereas a superfast package could see you regularly receiving an average of 100Mbps or more. Virgin Media currently offers some of the fastest broadband available in the UK, with its VIVID packages getting you well over 100Mbps. Its highest tier package, VIVID 350, grants you a huge average speed of 362Mbps.

Broadband packages like VIVID from Virgin Media are ideal for busy households with a lot of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and games consoles. With superfast broadband, you won’t experience slowdown due to heavy use like you would if you’re using standard connections.

Superfast broadband is also paired with unlimited downloads across the board, meaning that you can enjoy fast downloads without worrying about going over a data limit. For online gamers or those who download and stream music, movies or e-books online, superfast broadband is the best option.

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