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You’ll be hard-pushed to find any better broadband subscriptions.

What is Sky Broadband?

Sky is one of the best and most popular broadband providers in the UK. They offer a range of brilliant broadband speeds with a reliable connection that’ll keep everyone in the household happy.

Along with just broadband, customers have the option to purchase Sky’s stellar selection of TV subscriptions or other fantastic services alongside its broadband services. 

For what they have to offer, Sky’s popularity should come as no surprise. 

What network does Sky Broadband use?

Sky uses the widely available Openreach network, which is the most used cable network in the UK. Many providers use Openreach, although Sky is one of the most popular users, with 5.7 million subscribers to their service.

Is Sky Broadband any good?

Sky Broadband has grown to become one of the premier providers, mainly known for offering the best package deals. Besides that, their broadband is fast, reliable and available at a great value.

Here are some of the main reasons that make Sky Broadband so good:

  • Great package deals – By combining their broadband with their other fantastic services, Sky Broadband offers many unbeatable packages
  • Full-fibre unlimited – All their broadband offerings come with unlimited usage, and they have a wide range of speeds going from 36Mbps up to 900Mbps
  • Extensive customer support – There are many Sky contact numbers that cover everything you’d need help with, and their agents are capable of servicing you promptly

How much is Sky Broadband?

Sky Broadband on its own comes out to be no more expensive than the same offerings of their rivals.

Their cheapest broadband-only offering starts £34.50 per month for the Superfast Fibre 80 package, while the most expensive is their gigabit offering, Gigafast, which provides 900Mbps average speed and costs £63 per month.

Sky runs special deals regularly, offering even more money off on certain packages. Be sure to consistently check back here to find any deals on Sky’s various services.

But the real savings come when you look at their package deals. They often will put their broadband together with their TV services which are rapidly moving to more streaming-based, so they combine the two to make one perfect package for customers at a better price.

Sky Broadband packages

As mentioned prior, you can often find Sky’s broadband packages on offer, providing the same great product at a better price. While this isn’t guaranteed, it is common for them to run special deals, so be sure to keep checking back with us to make sure you don’t miss out!

Package Avg. speed Monthly cost Upfront cost
Superfast 35 36Mbps £39.50 £0
Superfast 80 61Mbps £34.50 £0
Sky Full Fibre 100 100Mbps £43 £0
Sky Ultrafast Fibre 150Mbps £43 £0
Sky Ultrafast Plus Fibre 500Mbps £53 £0
Sky Gigafast Fibre 900Mbps £63 £0

Note: Prices may change during your contract. Sky will give you adequate notice via your preferred contact method although usually by email about any pricing changes.

Prices correct as of 23/01/24.

Sky Broadband + other services

As mentioned earlier, you can also get some other of Sky’s amazing services packaged together with their broadband, such as TV. Their package deals are rarely offered at their full listed price!

Here are the packages you can find on Broadband Finder that include Sky Broadband and another service:

Package Monthly cost Upfront cost
Sky Stream + Superfast 35 £64.50 £0
Sky Stream + Superfast 80 £64.50 £0
Sky Stream + Full Fibre 100 £72 £0
Sky Stream + Ultrafast Fibre £69 £0
Sky Stream + Ultrafast Plus Fibre £79 £0
Sky TV Essentials + Superfast Fibre 35 £50.50 £0
Sky TV Essentials + Superfast Fibre 80 £50.50 £0
Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Sky Sports + Superfast Fibre 80 £86.50 £0
Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Sky Sports + Full Fibre 100 £97 £0
Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Sky Sports + Ultrafast Broadband £74 £0
Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Sky Sports + Ultrafast Plus Broadband £127 £0
Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Cinema + Superfast Broadband £72.50 £0
Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Cinema + Full Fibre 100 £83 £0
Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Cinema + Ultrafast Broadband £60 £0
Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Cinema + Ultrafast Plus Broadband £90 £0

Note: Prices may change during your contract. Sky will give you adequate notice via your preferred contact method although usually by email about any pricing changes.

Prices correct as of 23/01/24.

Sky Broadband extras

Sky WiFi Max is a great addition to your broadband, providing you with the latest WiFi 6 technology that will help you get a better connection and boost it to every corner of you home.

It is its own separate hub that connects to your main hub, so you can place it somewhere else in your home to help boost the connection to the rooms that don’t get the best speeds.

You can also get up to three pods that help boost the connection even further. All they need is to be plugged in!

Sky Broadband: Technical specs & installation

Sky offers two hubs, depending on if you choose to go for the optional Sky WiFi Max extra. The main hub is simply the Sky Broadband Hub, while the router with the WiFi Max add-on is the Sky WiFi Max Hub. Fancy names, we know.

The Sky Broadband Hub isn’t simply an entry-level router. It has more antennas, better Wi-Fi range, high average speeds and some smart features, all of which are improvements on their last standard hub.

The WiFi Max Hub is an even bigger upgrade, though. It is a WiFi 6 router, which is the latest in WiFi technology. It uses smart features that allow you to control WiFi speed, manage device access and more.

Overall, what you can expect from the WiFi Max Hub is a faster, less laggy and more stable connection that can handle more devices connected.

In terms of installation, it depends on the package you have purchased and whether or not your home is already set up for fibre/full fibre.

If either is not already installed in your home, an engineer will need to be sent out to install the connection. This may take them some time and may incur a charge, although you should check with Sky beforehand on how much you will be charged if you are.

How to contact Sky Broadband

Sky has many contact numbers that can be used for a variety of things. You can call them up for customer support to help with a product or service you currently have, or new customers can call to find out more about the packages on offer (including offers that may not be advertised online).

To help find the right contact number for you, we created a Sky contact number guide on our sister site Digital TV so you can find all the numbers you need.

Sky Broadband: Best bits

  • Unlimited fibre & full-fibre
  • Fast & reliable connection
  • Competitive pricing
  • Amazing package deals
  • Great customer service

Sky Broadband: What we think

In our opinion, Sky Broadband is one of the best providers out there. They offer a fantastic service with fast and reliable broadband and have a plethora of fantastic package deals on offer that provide you with everything you may want and/or need.

Sky Broadband ranks in the top three for the most subscribers in the UK and for good reason. With everything they offer, it is often a no-brainer to choose them should they provide the speeds that you are looking for - which they often do.

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