Virgin Media phone numbers | How to get in touch

We’ve compiled a list of Virgin phone numbers so you can easily get in touch.

Speak to the team about Virgin offers on 0330 221 4025

About our comprehensive Virgin Phone Number guide

Despite everything moving online, there’s still plenty of appetite amongst UK broadband customers to speak to an expert over the phone.

There’s only so far that FAQs and AI chatbots can take you, and it’s just a little more comforting to actually talk to someone and get a direct answer to your query.

Virgin Media keeps it pretty simple when it comes to phone numbers. There aren’t too many to choose from which makes it a bit easier to make this list for you! The short version is that you can dial 0345 454 1111 for Virgin customer services or 0330 221 4025 to get Virgin as a new customer.

The number for new customers puts you through to our expert team operating in partnership with Virgin. This means they can help you look at all the best Virgin Media broadband and TV offers on the market right now.

Below we break it down by the most popular queries people ask when it comes to Virgin Media phone numbers.

What’s the best phone number for Virgin fibre broadband?

If you’re looking to buy Virgin fibre then call 0330 221 4025. If you want to talk about your existing Virgin fibre then call 0345 454 1111.

The first number is a fast and easy way to speak about the best Virgin Media deals for fibre broadband. The second number is direct to Virgin Media customer services, but you’ll have to work through the automated system first.

How do I contact Virgin Media by phone?

The fastest number to call if you want to get a Virgin Media service is 0330 221 4025. However, if you want a shortcut for general customer services then dial 150 from your Virgin landline. You can also dial 0345 454 1111 from your mobile to get to this team.

Illustration showing a phone number to get Virgin TV or broadband: 0330 221 4025

How do I call Virgin customer services?

Existing customers call 0345 454 1111 or it's 0330 221 4025 if you want to get Virgin Media broadband or TV.

It’s quick and the team can talk you through the latest prices.

Good to know: The 0345 Virgin phone number has an automated system that requires some navigation on your part. The system is designed to do most of the work in terms of getting you through to the right person, or even dealing with your call. The 0330 Virgin number is much simpler, but only for those wanting to talk about Virgin deals for new customers. You'll get straight to the queue by pressing 1 when you phone, and usually the queue is short or you get to a call centre agent immediately.

How do I speak to Virgin about technical issues?

For Virgin technical queries call 0345 454 1111. You’ll need to press 1 then enter your Virgin phone number or account number. You can actually just keep hammering the star key to get past this. After that you press 2.

Illustrations showing Virgin's customer service number: 0345 454 1111

What’s the phone number to call to get Virgin fibre broadband?

We think the best and quickest number to call for Virgin fibre broadband is 0330 221 4025. The queue is often short or non-existent and the Virgin experts are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

What’s the phone number to call to get Virgin TV?

To talk about Virgin TV prices you can call 0330 221 4025. Just press 1 when you hear the automated prompt and then you’ll head to a Virgin TV expert.

What’s the phone number to call to get Virgin Mobile?

Call the main Virgin line on 0345 454 1111 and then press 2. If you press 1 you’ll head down the route to talk about TV and broadband. You clearly don’t want that if you’re interested in Virgin Mobile!

What’s the Virgin Media upgrade phone number?

You’ll need Virgin Media’s phone number for existing customers which is 0345 454 1111.

What’s the phone number for Virgin Media cancellations?

You can call 0345 454 1111 for Virgin cancellations. You’ll need to press 1 for TV and broadband queries and then go through the automated system. It’s reasonably quick if you have your account number or Virgin home phone number. Remember that providers often have retention deals up their sleeves, so if you are thinking of cancelling you'll probably get offered a really good deal.

Virgin cancellation number - 0345 454 1111

How do I phone Virgin Media to discuss my bill?

If you have a Virgin billing enquiry then call 0345 454 1111. Press 1 if it’s TV or broadband and press 2 if it’s Virgin Mobile. 

Which phone number is best for Virgin deals and offers?

You can speak to an experienced team about Virgin deals and offers on 0330 221 4025. They have all the latest prices, deals and offers, including some that have only just come on the market. This team can also complete the order for you so you don’t need to do anything else.

Phone number for Virgin deals and offers - 0330 221 4025

Why are there different phone numbers for Virgin Media?

Most providers have a few different phone numbers. There’s really just two main ones when it comes to Virgin and that’s 0345 454 1111 for existing customer enquiries and then 0330 221 4025 if you want to talk about Virgin deals. That second number sends you to an expert team working with Virgin to help customers find the right package and price.

Does Virgin Media use UK-based call centres?

Virgin uses both UK-based and overseas call centres. This is standard practice, with broadband and TV providers often outsourcing contact centre services to companies abroad. Any outsourced call centres and agents will be fully trained and working to strict rules that adhere to company policies.

What are the opening hours of Virgin Media call centres?

Virgin’s main phone line is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm. On Saturday it’s 8am to 8pm and on Sunday it’s 8am to 6pm.

The 0330 221 4025 number for customers looking to get Virgin TV or broadband is open from 9am to 8pm every day.

Virgin TV and broadband - call centre opening hours

Can I talk to someone about getting Virgin TV with Sky channels?

You can get some Virgin packages with Sky channels such as Sky Atlantic or Sky Sports. Call 0330 221 4025 to find out more about these deals.

Is there a Virgin phone number that gets me through faster?

It depends. If you want to talk about getting Virgin Media then 0330 221 4025 has just a couple of options when you phone and very short wait times generally. If you need customer services then the number is 0345 454 1111, and wait times depend on time of day.

Can I talk to someone about renewing my Virgin contract?

If you are still with Virgin and are looking to renew your contract then call the main Virgin line on 0345 454 1111. Just press 1 for TV and broadband queries, then work through the options after that.

If you had Virgin before but the contract ended, and you want a new deal from scratch then call 0330 221 4025.

How do I speak to an expert about Virgin Media?

You can chat to an expert about Virgin Media by calling 0330 221 4025. They will have all the details you need if you're interested in the packages from Virgin and you're not an existing customer. If you're already in a contract with Virgin and want to chat to an expert then call the main Virgin line on  0345 454 1111.

Is the Virgin Media 150 number free?

Yes, this is a quick-dial number that’s free but you must call from a Virgin mobile or landline. Other providers use the same shortcut, so if you’re with them for a phone product, and you dial 150, you’ll obviously reach them instead.

What is the UK free number to contact Virgin Media?

You can dial 0800 052 0422 to reach Virgin for free in the UK. If you have available mobile or landlines minutes included and want to get Virgin TV or broadband then you can call 0330 221 4025 for free. If your call allowance runs out then you would be charged at a local rate.

Remember that all 0800 numbers are free from landlines and mobiles in the UK. Numbers starting 0330 are charged like normal landlines, so they are included in your inclusive minutes. If you don’t have inclusive minutes then they are charged at a local rate.

Good to know: 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 numbers are all charged as if money falls from the sky. Avoid them if you can!

How do I contact Virgin Media without an account number?

It’s a common problem for people because the automated system wants your account number. Call 0330 221 4025 if you just want to talk about Virgin TV and broadband prices, or call 0345 454 1111 for customer services and keep pressing that magical star key. You will eventually succeed!

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