Community Fibre promotion
Community Fibre promotion
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Community Fibre broadband deals

  • Incredibly affordable high-speed subscriptions
  • A 100% full fibre broadband network 
  • Free installation and no set-up costs

Find great deals on home broadband from Community Fibre

London-based provider Community Fibre offers residents of the capital a variety of competitively priced full fibre broadband subscriptions. Customers will enjoy a friendly, expert service with no hidden costs or sudden mid-contract price rises.

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Community Fibre | Our Review

Customers of Community Fibre can choose between four great-value broadband subscriptions all of which come with completely unlimited data and a free wifi router. The provider has constructed it’s own full fibre network which allows them to offer a significantly faster, more reliable service.

Lightning-fast broadband at a great value price

Even Community Fibre’s cheapest Superfast broadband product gives customers access to fantastic speeds with an average download speed of 50Mbps. That’s easily enough to support a family of four as they stream HD video, browse social media, shop and send emails on multiple devices.  

There’s an impressive jump up to their next two subscriptions, Ultrafast Boost and Hyperfast Boost, which boast average download speeds of 300Mbps and 800Mbps respectively. Both of these are perfect for long online gaming matches, streaming video in glossy 4K and downloading huge files. 

Experience an average speed of 920Mbps with the Gigafast product

Their excellent top-tier product is capable of handling anything you throw at it. Your whole household will be able to enjoy hours of their favourite online activities, from an epic 4K Netflix binge and gaming to catching up with a friend via a HD video call, across multiple devices without any interruptions.

It’s also ideal for those who need to work or take school from home on a regular or part time basis and, on top of all of this, still allows you to smoothly run all of your smart devices like speakers, home assistants and video doorbells.

Superior WiFi

A Linksys Velop router is automatically included with every Community Fibre product. Their Intelligent Mesh technology focuses the wifi signal to your position meaning you’ll have a strong, reliable connection wherever you are at home. It’s also conveniently able to self-heal certain issues and will automatically update itself with the latest firmware. 

Community Fibre highlights

  • Average speed of 920Mbps with the Gigafast product
  • Very affordable full fibre subscriptions
  • No installation costs
  • Fixed price contracts 
  • Unlimited data
  • Symmetric upload and download speeds
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