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Gigaclear promotion
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Gigaclear Broadband Deals

  • Top average download speed of 900Mbps 
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • Totally unlimited usage with all subscriptions
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Great deals on rural broadband with Gigaclear

Gigaclear provides a range of full fibre broadband subscriptions to rural households and businesses so you can enjoy a smooth, fast, reliable connection. 

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Gigaclear broadband | Our review

Gigaclear use their very own state-of-the-art full fibre network to provide affordable broadband subscriptions with fantastic speeds and unlimited usage. Standard installation comes at no extra charge and you don’t have to worry about any sudden price rises throughout your contract. 

Fantastic superfast and ultrafast broadband subscriptions

Gigaclear has a broadband product for everyone with four comprehensive options to choose from. The entry-level Superfast product offers an average download speed of 30Mbps which is perfect for those who are looking to stream, shop, email and catch up with friends and family via video calls.  

Households with a greater number of devices will be much better suited to either of their two Ultrafast subscriptions, which provide average download speeds of 100Mbps and 300Mbps respectively. These ensure that everybody is able to be online simultaneously without any connection issues.    

A top tier Hyperfast product

The premium Hyperfast product offers a blazingly-fast average download speed of 900Mbps which is easily enough to support even the largest and busiest of households. Multiple people will be able to stream smoothly in 4K, take part in long online gaming sessions, download huge files and use smart devices like speakers and AI voice assistants. 

It’s also ideal for those working or learning from home allowing you to seamlessly carry out all of your tasks and stay productive. 

Enjoy smart wifi 

The Ultrafast 300 and Hyperfast 900 subscriptions come with two Linksys routers so you can take advantage of smart wifi. These routers use what’s known as intelligent mesh technology to strengthen your wifi signal and ensure you’ve got fantastic coverage all around your home. No more annoying buffering while you’re trying to watch Netflix in bed!

Lightning-fast business broadband

Gigaclear also has four fantastic business subscriptions available, offering average download speeds of 100Mbps, 250Mbps, 500Mbps and 900Mbps, so both big and small companies can get the kind of reliable, high-quality connection they need to succeed. 

Employees can fully utilise all of the required online tools with symmetrical upload and download speeds and you’ll also have access to a support hotline that’s open from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday. The top three options guarantee maintenance will come out the next business day which thankfully limits the amount of disruption caused.

Gigaclear broadband highlights 

  • Top average download speed of 900Mbps
  • All subscriptions come with unlimited usage
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • No price increases during your contract 
  • Improved coverage with smart wifi
  • Great options for business broadband
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