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italk Broadband Deals

  • Fixed-term contracts
  • 100% unlimited downloads
  • ADSL and fibre subscriptions


Get unlimited broadband and fibre from italk

italk Broadband offers a range of ADSL and fibre broadband subscriptions that offer speeds for every type of internet user. From standard average speeds to superfast fibre, italk customers can enjoy 100% unlimited downloads across the board.


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italk Broadband | Our Review 

italk Broadband is a provider that offers simple but effective broadband subscriptions, with a mixture of both ADSL and fibre. iTalk customers can enjoy great coverage alongside unlimited downloads, line rental included, fixed-term contracts and extras like a free router. 

Choose from standard and fibre subscriptions

italk has 3 basic subscriptions on offer. The standard Unlimited Broadband offers an average speed of 12Mbps as well as no limits on downloads. Customers who need a fast connection can get the Unlimited Fibre deal, which gives you an average of 33Mbps.

italk Broadband’s top tier product is the Unlimited Superfast Fibre, granting you an average speed of 64Mbps. For all of italk’s subscriptions, line rental is included, meaning you won’t be surprised by hidden fees at the end of the month. There’s also no set-up fee, so you can get connected right away.

100% unlimited downloads 

All italk Broadband subscriptions feature completely unlimited downloads, meaning you don’t have to worry about going over a data limit and incurring extra charges. This is ideal for users who stream content via Netflix, download music and games online or even those who need to download documents for work. 

Fixed term contracts

italk customers can enjoy fixed-term contracts on all subscriptions. This means that you won’t see a price increase at any point during your contract, giving you peace of mind that the product you signed up for won’t change. All italk Broadband subscriptions come with a 24-month contract, giving you a consistent rate over two years, guaranteed. 

UK customer care and tech support

italk Broadband offers UK customer care and tech support, so there’ll always be someone there to get you connected or solve any broadband and phone issues you might have. You can contact italk directly by phone or email, or request a callback via the provider’s website. 

italk Broadband Highlights

  • ADSL and fibre available
  • Fixed-term contracts 
  • 100% unlimited downloads
  • UK customer support
  • Zero setup fees 
  • Free router worth £99 included
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